Dawson’s 18 Month Update

This post is a few weeks late, but I still wanted to get it up. Now that Dawson is 18 months old, I feel like we are finally in full toddler mode. He is such a happy boy who plays and runs around all day and loves to climb on the furniture. I feel like he is learning and doing new things each day. Dawson 18 month

  • Dawson would play outside all day if we let him. He loves to find rocks, sticks and anything else he can carry. He also enjoys riding his 4-wheeler and throwing his ball.
  • He has been pushing the limit to see what he will get away with.
  • He is always willing to give a hug and a kiss.
  • He will dance to familiar songs. (One Little Finger is his favorite)
  • Meals have been challenging with figuring out what foods he will eat. Many things end up thrown on the floor.
  • All kinds of fruit are favorites, while veggies are more of a struggle to try.
  • He only has 7 teeth, but has been teething more recently.
  • Dawson has been talking a lot and is saying new words daily. A few of his favorite words are: puppy, socks, ball, toes, yes, no, please, mine.
  • He said his first sentence- “I don’t want that.” when we tried to give him a piece of bread for dinner.
  • He shakes his head yes and no.
  • He can point to body parts on himself and on someone else (head, eye, nose, ear, mouth, chin, tummy, toes, arm, leg)

Thanks for reading!

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