Got Ink? Color Printing on a Teacher’s Budget

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This year I started my 4th year of teaching, and my 1st year teaching kindergarten in a new school district. My class was an add-on from the previous year, so I came into a brand new classroom that lacked a wide range of materials, especially for small groups. I know that materials take some time to acquire, but for the meantime, I needed to fill in the gap.

Pinterest has been such a great resource for finding activities and game, but my problem came when finding a cost effective way to print. I looked into sending items to Staples or Kinkos, but for the amount of materials I wanted to print in color on card stock paper, it would have cost hundreds of dollars. And driving to pick my prints up is inconvenient, especially since I prepare most of my materials at night after my son has gone to bed.

After some research, I found the HP Instant Ink program. For this program you need to have a HP printer that is compatible with Instant Ink. There are many different models with a wide price range.  I was able to purchase the HP Envy 4520 for $40 when BestBuy was having a sale. The model I have is one of the cheaper models, but I haven’t had any issues with it and the majority of my printing is in color on card stock paper.

For the Instant Ink plans, they have a few different to choose from depending on how much you plan on printing per month. The best part is, you can get months of free prints through promo codes. I was able to get 300 prints a month for free for 4 months. That is 1200 color prints for free! This was wonderful especially at the beginning of the school year to stock up on activities. HP-Instant-Ink.pngI signed up from the 300 prints a month, since they were free. Now that I am paying and I don’t have as much time to find activities to print, I lowered my plan to the 100 prints a months. You can change your plan at any time to meet your needs.

Is HP Instant Ink worth it? Absolutely. It has been so convenient to have an inexpensive option to print color prints at home. It is an initial investment to begin with to purchase the printer, but they often go on sale. It is nice to be able to quickly print at home and to be able to adjust the plan I am on to meet my needs.

Do you use Instant Ink? If you are interested please consider signing up using my code n7PmV  –you will get one free month and I will too!

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