A Glimpse into Our Kindergarten Schedule

Check out this post if you are looking to set up your kindergarten schedule for the first time or refresh your current schedule for full day kindergarten. Engaging, hands-on day that includes play and building a community of learners.

Kindergarten has changed so much over the years with many Kindergarten programs going from a half day to full day and with more academic content and skills. This is how I set up our daily schedule on a typical day. This is the order I like to keep for our schedule, but it may vary slightly since our specials times vary from day to day.

Arrival (25 minutes)

After students unpack and make their lunch choice, they do a morning worksheet. This year I plan on implementing a soft start approach to our morning (students choose a preferred activity to help adjust to the school day) I am working on getting activities together to implement this soon. I will do a separate post on soft start mornings later on.

Morning Meeting (30 minutes)


During our morning meeting we listen to morning announcements, go over the rules and a student helper will check the weather and calendar. We also do a community circle activity each day where each student will answer a question. This is a great way for students to get to know each other and to build a community in the classroom.At the beginning of the year I will ask students getting to know you questions like what is your favorite thing to do or what is your favorite food. Later in the year I will ask deeper questions such as how have you been kind to someone today or what is something you are proud of.

Morning meeting time is where I will introduce new literacy concepts as well. At the beginning of the year we will cover and review letter names and sounds and sight words. As we get further into the year we will learn CVC, CVCE, Blends and Suffixes at this time.

Reader’s Workshop (10-15 minutes)

Our school uses Lucy Calkin’s Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Curriculum. During this time we have a quick 10-15 minute reading mini-lesson on very specific reading skills.

Reading Small Groups (40 minutes)

I will have a more detailed post on how I set up small groups soon. Students will rotate between 4 small groups that will last about 10 minutes each:

  • Independent Reading
  • Ipads (Students choose between IXL or Raz-Kids) Our district provides both for each student.
  • Writing- This might be a handwriting activity or sometimes a worksheet on material we have recently learned.
  • Word Work- students will do activities that support what we are learning in literacy (sight word practice, beginning sounds, building cvc words etc.)

During this time I am pulling small groups to work with them on specific skills, or pulling individual student to read with me.

Snack (20 minutes)

Writer’s Workshop (40 minutes)

Just like Reader’s Workshop, this is also a 10-15 minute mini-lesson that focuses on very specific writing skills. After our mini lesson, students will work independently on their writing while I am assisting students and conferring with them on their work. At the beginning of the year I only have students write independently for 8-10 minutes but as we build stamina the goal is 20 minutes by the end of the year.

At the end of writing we do a few minute share out where a few students can share what they are working on.

Choice Time (25-45 minutes)

I think it’s important for students to have choice time each day. They can choose to play with toys or games or do art.  This time is so important for student to inquire, build and practice skills like team work, communication and problem solving.  I like students to have about 40 minutes, but it is sometimes less depending on our specials schedule.

Read Aloud (15 minutes)

I try to choose a variety of story books, social stories and books that support academic topics.

Lunch/ Recess (40 minutes)

Math (20 minutes)

Depending on what specials we have for the day, math is sometimes just a lesson. On days when we have more time we will also do a whole class hands-on activity or a math journal question.

Math Small Groups (40 minutes)

I set up math small groups similar to reading groups.

  • Math with a partner
  • Ipad (IXL)
  • Math worksheet
  • Math Work- Students will pick a math activity of their choice that supports the math topic we are currently working on.

Science/ Social Studies

We do science and social studies once a week. Programs for both are provided by our district.

Pack-up/ Dismissal

I love to end our day with offering each student a hug, high-five or handshake.

What does your Kindergarten schedule look like?

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