Goals for 2019


My thoughts for this blog is to share my ideas about topics I enjoy, but I also want to share things that are more on the personal side. I want to be able to look back and see where we were in life and look back on everything we have been through. I don’t normally write down goals for the new year, mostly because I never follow through with them. But, if I post them online, maybe it will serve as a better reminder to make these goals happen. Overall, our goals are focused around paying off debt and sharing new experiences as a family. These are my/our goals for 2019.


  1. Plan at least 1 family outing each month
  2. Go to a Detroit Tigers game
  3. Go to the Detroit Zoo
  4. Sign Dawson up for swim classes
  5. Visit our family in Arkansas
  6. Go to the beach- At least once
  7. Go on a boat ride
  8. Have a picnic at the park
  9. Potty train Dawson
  10. Pay off our smallest student loan ($2000) and add to the snowball for my student loans
  11. Complete at least 1 “no spend” month
  12. Make our upstairs more livable.  (Add duct work for heat/cooling)
  13. Make our downstairs bedroom a playroom
  14. Better organize our home and declutter
  15. Take more pictures
  16. Better balance my home/work life
  17. Read at least 3 books
  18. Listen to more podcasts
  19. Make more time for friends
  20. Put myself out their to meet new people
  21. Spend less time mindlessly scrolling through social media
  22. Spend more time playing with Dawson
  23. Read to Dawson every night
  24. Consistently post on this blog
  25. Drink less pop and more water
  26. Try new recipes


Thanks for visiting my blog! What are your goals for the new year?

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