Why I Quit the Curly Girl Method

Why I "quit" The Curly Girl Method when it was no longer working for my wavy hair and what I do instead to keep my hair healthy while still using some heat. #CGM #Curlygirlmethod #curlyhair #wavyhair #natural

Wavy and Curly hair seems like such a science to figure out how to style. Over the years I have tried so many products to perfect my hair. When I found the Curly Girl Method a few years ago, I was so excited to finally have a guide on how to care for my hair. 

Okay, so I didn’t quit all aspects of the Curly Girl Method completely, but I did change my hair routine when the Curly Girl Method wasn’t working for my hair anymore. Let me explain…

My Hair Journey

I guess I should rewind and share a little bit about my hair journey. I have had curly/ wavy hair for my entire life. After years of straightening, curling and messy buns, I went “natural.” Even after years of embracing my hair, I still didn’t feel like I had it “right.” On good hair days, I loved my hair. But I had a lot of not so good hair days too where my hair looked flat, lifeless and frizzy. Then my hair after pregnancy was a whole new challenge. I felt like my hair changed to a weird mix of wavy on top, almost straight on the bottom with a few curls mixed in. I tried to make it work for a year and a half before I needed a refresh and cut 6 inches off my hair and started using heat again.

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How to Prevent Frizzy Hair


Today I wanted to share 10 tips to prevent frizzy hair. My hair is wavy and has a lot of frizz, especially when it’s humid. My hair goal lately has been to wear my hair natural and to get it healthier. These are some ways I prevent frizz.

How to prevent frizzy hair

  1. Avoid heat whenever possible. The key to frizz-free hair is moisture and using heat dries hair out. This was a tough one for me. I used to straighten and curl my hair all the time, but now wear my hair natural on most days.
  2. If you choose to use heat on your hair, keep the temperature down. If your hair is fine, you need a lower temperature than someone with thick hair.
  3. Moisturize- find a good deep conditioner to use regularly. I try to use a deep conditioner once a week and have noticed quite a difference in my hair.
  4. Use sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are harsh on hair and can strip hair causing it to be dry. Sulfate-free shampoos are more gentle, but still get hair clean.
  5. Avoid silicones in your hair products. Silicones are tricky because they can make hair appear healthier, but they also stick to hair and can be hard to wash out, causing buildup. Cowashing or sulfate-free shampoo may not be tough enough to wash silicones out. Over time, they will weigh hair down.
  6. Use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to dry hair instead of using a regular towel. And make sure to scrunch the hair with the towel to dry it instead of rubbing.
  7. Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower. This helps to close the hair cuticle.
  8. Sleep with your hair in a scrunchie. I like to sleep with my hair close to the top of my head. It helps to prevent frizz and tangles. Regular hair ties can cause hair breakage if they are to tight, but a scrunchie works well and is a bit looser.
  9. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. This is good especially if you move a lot in your sleep. Cotton pillowcases can cause frizz when your hair rubs on it.
  10. Trial and error to find the best products for you hair.      That doesn’t mean spend a ton of money on hair products, but give a couple products a try and see what gives the best results. You may need to try the same product with different amounts or in different ways.

What have you tried to reduce frizz?

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